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Good News On Bad Credit Car Financing

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Do you have bad credit? Well, guess what. You’re not the only one.

A lot of car buyers share the same financial struggles as you, and many of them are getting approved for car loans at their local Chevy dealership. Read on to learn more about bad credit car financing, and then stop by our Chevy finance center at Spitzer Chevy North Canton. We strive to satisfy all of our guests despite their budget or financial background. So, schedule a visit and begin your car-buying journey today!

Be Aware Of Your Credit Score

Credit reporting plays a big part in finance application. It measures your payment history on past transactions, and banks use it to determine whether you’re a good candidate for financing. So, it’s pretty clear why banks are more likely to approve a loan for somebody with good credit.

Luckily, credit can change. For instance, sometimes one unpaid debt could be the majority cause of someone’s poor credit score. If this is the case with your credit, settling that debt could go a long way toward repairing your score.

In other cases, one’s credit may not be as bad as he or she thinks. It’s quite common for shoppers to prejudge their own credit, but we’ve surprised such shoppers on countless occasions. Don’t give up before visiting Spitzer Chevy North Canton. Come down to our finance center where our car loan experts are always willing to work with your credit.

Seriously, Your Credit Might Be OK!

If you still don’t believe us, find out for yourself. Receive a quick, risk-free estimation of your credit score right from our website.

Simply click on our “Pre-Approval” tab then scroll down to the “Estimate Your Credit” option. You’ll be directed to a short Estimate Your Credit Score form, which you can fill out to receive your estimation. You won’t be asked to provide a social security number, and there are no bureau inquiries involved, so your credit won’t be affected.

Once you’ve completed the form, a Chevy finance specialist will reach out to you, ready to discuss your options. For more information on bad credit car financing, visit us in person at Spitzer Chevy North Canton — a trusted Chevy dealership serving Canton and Massillon, OH.

Even More Virtual Assistance

Along with our credit estimation tool, guests can take advantage of a range of other helpful resources on our dealership website.

Access our user-friendly trade-in tool to receive an estimate on your current vehicle. Next, expedite the entire car-buying process by filling out a brief pre-approval application. Finally, start browsing our wide selection of new, used and Certified Pre-Owned models. You can also explore exclusive monthly specials that you’ll only find at your trusted Canton, OH car dealership — Spitzer Chevy North Canton.

Whether you have good credit or bad credit, car financing doesn’t have to be a hassle. Begin your car-buying process online today with Spitzer Chevy North Canton.

Explore Bad Credit Financing Today

If you’re ready to begin your car-buying journey, call or visit Spitzer Chevy North Canton finance center. From interest rates and annual percentage rates to auto loan terms and monthly payments, our finance experts are here to answer all of your questions about bad credit financing. Schedule your visit today at Spitzer Chevy North Canton — your premier Chevy dealership, serving North Canton, Canton and Massillon, OH.

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