Best Oil Change Service in North Canton

Best Oil Change Service in North Canton

Keep Your Chevrolet in Tip-Top Condition with Our Scheduled Oil Change Service

Premium Oil Change Service for All Chevy Owners in North Canton

Are you looking for Chevy oil change? Spitzer Chevy North Canton is your source for oil change service in North Canton. Our service center offers a combination of the latest state-of-the-art tools with highly qualified, experienced technicians who will respond directly to your concerns.

We provide maintenance and repair services of the highest quality while ensuring to deliver the expert care that your Chevy deserves. Choosing Spitzer Chevy North Canton is the smartest choice you can make for a functional engine that’s up and running smoothly.

If you’re ready to extend the useful life of your engine and keep your car in tip-top condition, then we can’t wait to welcome you to our showroom at Spitzer Chevy North Canton, in North Canton, OH.

It’s the Little Things That Count

When it’s time for an oil change, scheduling service with us means getting an oil change work with a high level of precision. Our comprehensive maintenance procedure involves draining your old, contaminated oil and replacing it with a new, fresh one of your choosing.

Next, we replace your old oil filter with a new one that will remove impurities and contaminants more effectively.

If you drive an older vehicle that requires lubrication, we’ll check the car thoroughly to see if there are grease fittings that need attention and provide a lube service accordingly to lubricate your fittings. We also check all fluids to ensure they’re not low or dirty.

Also, Spitzer Chevy North Canton checks air filters to ensure there’s an adequate supply of air to the engine.

Speaking of the engine, we also conduct a thorough inspection of your engine to ensure it is sealed at all times. Meanwhile, our complete belt and hose inspection service evaluates the condition of your belt and hose and replaces them if needed. Other complementary services include tire pressure check and careful inspection of your undercarriage for signs of damage.

Close up view of a technician changing a vehicle’s oil

Maintain Your Chevy to the Standard by Which It Was Built

To ensure your Chevy car, truck, or another vehicle is always at an optimum level, it’s important to know the kind of oil you’re putting in your vehicle. Typically, four different types of oil can be used in a car – full synthetic oil, conventional oil, synthetic blend, and high mileage oil.

Synthetic oil is an artificial lubricant that’s derived from chemically modified materials. It consists of base oils which are cleaner and more refined than conventional oil, and as a result, provide better engine protection. Synthetic oil also provides excellent lubrication during extreme cold starts, boosts fuel economy, and enhances horsepower and torque owing to less initial drag on the engine. Additionally, synthetic oil provides better resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge.

For its part, conventional oil is a lubricant that is derived directly from crude oil. One major advantage of conventional oil over synthetic one is that it is much cheaper than synthetic oil and can be useful in older cars that may not be able to utilize the unique benefits of synthetic oil.

Synthetic blend, on the other hand, is a mix of conventional motor oil and synthetic base stocks. Synthetic blend oil provides better wear protection than conventional oil because it withstands higher temperatures better and is more resistant to breakdown. The presence of synthetic oil in the mix also allows synthetic blend oil to flow better at different temperatures and ensure a higher level of protection.

Conversely, high mileage oil is a lubricant that includes ingredients that contain the extra boost an older vehicle with higher mileage needs to keep running smoothly. High mileage oils typically feature ingredients like seal swells, conditioners, antioxidants, etc., to help protect against old age-related wear and tear. If you have an older engine you’re looking to take care of, putting a high mileage oil in your car will make a world of difference.

Chevy Dealership Oil Change: A Smart Choice for Oil Change Service

If you’re looking to get an oil change service that’s best suited for your vehicle, then there is no other choice but a dealership. At Spitzer Chevy North Canton, we are highly knowledgeable and experienced with different types of Chevy vehicles. Plus, we are also familiar with your engine oil life monitoring system and know what type of oil is best for your car.

Usually, engine oil that is low in quality will not be able to properly lubricate your engine’s moving parts and can leave your engine susceptible to overheating or damage. Letting a dealership handle your oil change guarantees that the right type of oil will be used and ensures smooth operation and condition of your vehicle.

In addition, working with a dealership will also help you benefit from Chevy service specials that are designed to help you save money on auto repair and oil change service.

Let Spitzer Chevy North Canton Perform Your Oil Change Service

If you’d like to keep your Chevy running at its best, Spitzer Chevy North Canton can help make it happen. Our certified technicians are highly experienced and continually receive training on the latest Chevy features and systems so they can meet your auto repairs and service needs at all times.

Whether you need a Chevy oil change in North Canton or desire other services like tire rotation, we have you covered. Contact us online at Spitzer Chevy North Canton!

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